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The Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

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In just one hour, the amount of sunlight that hits the Earth provides us with enough power to meet the energy needs of our planet for an entire year!

The ability to harness our energy from the sun allows us unlimited access to a truly renewable and infinite power source.

It’s becoming increasingly important to move away from fossil fuel resources – taking advantage of the sun’s free energy is a no-brainer. Compared to traditional energy sources, solar energy advantages and disadvantages tip heavily toward the positive. Solar offers many benefits and essentially no negative environmental impacts.

The facts

  • There are no harmful emissions or by-products from producing energy with solar panels
  • With solar power, we can decrease our reliance on finite natural resources
  • Using solar power for your energy needs is equivalent to preventing over 18,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions for one year!

The Environmental Benefits of Solar

Solar is an environmentally friendly, sustainable and reliable power source. Here are just a few of the environmental benefits of solar energy:

Solar Power is Clean Power

There are no harmful by-products (such as air pollution or greenhouse gases) emitted from generating power via solar panels

Decreased Reliance on Finite, Dirty Energy

Traditional fuel sources contribute to global warming and the depletion of our atmosphere

Health Benefits

Lower pollution levels benefit public health, helping you keep your family and community healthy and safe

Decreased Consumption of Natural Resources

Producing power with solar panels doesn’t consume or pollute precious water, or other natural resources that we depend on

How Much Pollution is Avoided by Installing Solar Panels?

Over the course of one year, the electricity produced by an average sized solar system is equivalent to preventing over 18,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions!

How can your home energy choices affect our environment? Making the switch to solar power is the same as:


1.7 cars 

off the road for one year


3 tons 

of waste from going into landfills


8,888 lbs

of coal burned in one year


6.8 acres

of forests in the United States

If you’re interested in learning more about how your lifestyle is impacting our environment, visit the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator to determine what your home’s current energy consumption is equivalent to.

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