Considering Solar? Learn the Basics

Evaluating if solar is right for you can seem dauntingly complex for someone who is just beginning to research their options. We try and break things down into bite-sized sections, highlighting what you need to know and then providing more detail to help you dive into the advantages and disadvantages of solar power.  The most important considerations for most homeowners are the following:

How much does solar cost?

What types of financing options are available?

How much can I save with solar?

What installation company should I choose?

How can I use solar to lock in my energy prices?

Is my home really appropriate for solar?

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We answer all these questions and more below – read on to learn what you need to know to make an appropriate decision about going solar.

Solar makes financial sense

  • Solar allows many homeowners to drastically reduce their energy bills.
  • Solar allows you to lock in the costs you will be paying for energy in the future.
  • Solar loans, leases and PPAs allow you to go solar with no money down.

Use solar to lock in your energy prices

  • In the last ten years, residential electricity prices in the US have gone up by an average of 57%.
  • Solar allows you to lock in the prices you will pay, allowing you to avoid significant costs.

Is solar appropriate for my home?

  • Solar is appropriate for homes in many parts of the country – not just homes in the sunbelt
  • Electricity prices in your area are the biggest factor to consider.
  • Roof factors, such as direction and shading are also important.
  • Consider how many solar panels do I need?

Solar financing options

  • With a wide array of solar financing options available, solar has become very affordable.
  • Homeowners going solar are able to choose from loans, leases, PPAs, and cash purchases. Learn more:  Is it Better to Lease or Buy Solar Panels?
  • Zero-down financing is now available for solar installations across the country.

How do solar panels work?

  • Solar panels are able to generate electricity from the interaction of sunlight and silicon.
  • Installations are carried out efficiently and quickly, with no work required from the homeowner.
  • The panels are tied into the grid through your normal power lines.

How does Solar to the People work?

  • We were founded to help homeowners navigate the confusing process of finding a solar provider.
  • Solar to the People is a platform which allows homeowners to receive multiple competitive bids on installing solar from pre-screened installers.
  • We work to find the best solar providers in your area and provide a convenient way to get multiple quotes from those providers.

Environmental benefits of solar

  • Solar is a truly renewable source of unlimited energy.
  • Producing power via residential solar creates no greenhouse gases or dangerous pollutants.
  • The average environmental benefit of installing solar panels on your home is equivalent to planting 6.8 acres of forest.

Economic benefits of solar

  • Solar creates more American jobs per unit of electricity produced than fossil fuels.
  • Solar allows America to be truly energy independent, instead of relying on imported fossil fuels.

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