The Home Solar Panel Cost Index

The Home Solar Panel Cost Index

We’ve put together the Home Solar Panel Cost Index because homeowners who want to go solar are left in the dark (literally) about how much they should plan to pay to purchase a solar system. We believe that more transparency in the solar industry will help homeowners, the solar industry, and the environment.

As a homeowner, you want to know two things when it comes to purchasing solar panels:

How much do solar panels cost, and how much will I save?

That depends – prices and savings for solar power vary by region.  We created the Home Solar Panel Cost Index to educate homeowners on the cost of going solar in their area. The Index shows a clear breakdown of the average cost of solar panels before and after all rebates and incentives have been applied to the cost of solar for a particular zip code.

The best way to estimate how much solar panels would cost for your home is look at what other homeowners in your area have recently paid for solar. We believe that everyone should have access to information about the average prices for solar power in their neighborhood.

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Why does the cost of solar vary by region?

Determining how much it will cost to go solar can be quite complex. Why?

– Each house is unique – not everyone has the same energy needs, shading and sun exposure.

– As a result, solar system sizes will vary from house to house.

– Installers can quote different prices for similar jobs, due to differences in material, crew availability, or installer margins.

– Each state and utility has their own incentives available for solar.

Consequently, prices can vary widely within a region.

So how can you get a reasonable idea of solar prices in an area, despite the differences listed above?

– The easiest way is to get an idea of how much installing solar panels costs in your area is to look at the average of the prices homeowners have recently paid in your area both before and after incentives have been applied.

So how much would solar cost on my home?

Our home Solar Price Index tells you how much people are paying for solar on a homes like yours.

– The Index shows you the cost of putting solar on the average sized home with average electricity usage in your area. This estimate will give you a good idea for what you can expect to pay when purchasing solar panels for your home.

– If your home is appreciably larger or smaller than an average home, learn how you can adjust the Solar Index price estimate here.

How do you calculate savings?

To truly calculate solar savings, you need to look at current and future electrical rates as well as your ability to sell electricity to the power company. Solar savings are discussed in-depth here.

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