Ground Mounted Solar Panels 

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Ground Mount Solar Installations – The Basics

Rooftop solar is likely to be what people think of when they consider installing solar. However, most people don’t realize that ground mount solar panels are available in the case your roof isn’t ideal for a regular rooftop panel installation. In addition, it’s actually much simpler to install ground mount panels, and frequently more cost-effective. We’ve put this article together to help you understand your options when it comes to ground mount solar panels.

Any homeowner can take advantage of solar with ground mount solar panels

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Usually, homeowners ask about ground mount solar when they don’t have good roof angles or excessive shading from trees they don’t want to trim. In cases such as those, as long as you have space, ground mounts make great sense.

However, even in situations where you have an excellent roof for roof-mounted solar, there are a number of advantages to ground-mounted solar panels.

  • One of the principal benefits of ground mounts is they are extremely easy to install. They’re also popular with homeowners with large properties who just aren’t interested in roof mounts, or homeowners with high energy needs who’s roof space is insufficient to support the required number of panels.
  • Ground mounted solar panels can produce significantly more energy than a rooftop system of the same size because that they can be set at an ideal angle to maximize power production. As a result, you generate additional energy and save additional money.

In addition, ground-mounted solar panels are extremely easy to install, removing the need for roof access, and also simplifying future maintenance and cleaning. Having the ability to easily remove snow or from your ground mounted solar panels is a significant convenience as well.

The great majority of the installers we work with offer ground mounts and the price of regular ground-mounted solar is usually slightly lower than a comparable rooftop solar setup, due to the fact that you can position the ground mount with perfect sun exposure, requiring few panels.

Ground Mount Solar Panels – The Facts

  • Ideal for homeowners who don’t have an appropriate roof
  • Popular with homeowners with extemely high energy usage
  • Installation and maintenance is extremely easy due to accessibility
  • Ground mounts frequently are less expensive as they can be positioned to maximize the energy possible from the panels

Different Mounting Styles for Ground Mounted Solar Panels – Standard and Pole Mounts

Standard ground-mounted solar systems use metal scaffolding anchored into your yard to support your panels at an optimal incline to the sun. Some ground mounts solar systems can be adjusted with a mechanism several times a year maximize sun exposure across the seasons.

Pole mounted ground mounts hold the entire system on one pole versus the convention scaffolding style of standard ground mounts. Some pole mounts commonly incorporate mechanical tracking systems (more on this below).

Are Ground-Mounted Solar Tracking Systems a Good Idea? We don’t think so

Tracking systems rotate a ground-mounted array with the sun, and can increase power production one third or more. You’ll pay an additional upfront cost if you determine to include a tracking system in your setup, but the increase in power production definitely offsets the cost. Why are they a bad idea then? The biggest factor is the risk of the tracking system mechanism breaking – mechanical issues, especially in snowy, moist or sandy climates can make tracking systems just not worth the cost.

Where Can I Find High-Quality Installers for Ground Mount Systems?

We work with a number of extremely highly-respected installers in the ground mount space.

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We can get you multiple competitive quotes for ground-mount systems from the most reliable installers in the business, ensuring you receive the highest quality at the lowest prices.

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