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Over 1,000 residents of Pasadena have already gone solar, with nearly 8 megawatts of electricity capacity installed (that’s 8,000,000 watts!). Combining year-round sun with extraordinary incentives makes going solar an easy decision, one that will save you thousands of dollars in the future. With solar taking off across California, local incentives are being phased out in many cities. That’s not an issue in Pasadena! Residents can take advantage of some of the most generous rebates and incentives around. It’s time to free yourself from rising utility energy rates. Plus, you will drastically reduce your carbon footprint. A win-win situation for you and the planet!

Solar protects Pasadenans from unpredictable energy costs

Tired of ever-increasing energy rates in Pasadena? California is home to some of the highest energy prices in the nation. You can go solar before the next unpleasant surprise arrives in the form of a bill from Pasadena Water and Power (PWP). The last big rate increase in 2014 was on average 8.4% for residents. In 2015 and 2016, rates continued to climb by over 2% each year. When will it stop? Unfortunately, the answer is not any time soon. If market trends are any indication, the time is near for PWP to once again raise rates. Abundant sunshine means that you could power your home without the hassle. Thankfully, there are reputable solar installers offering generous financing options right here in Pasadena.

2.2 – 8.4 % 

Annual increases in PWP rates over the past three years

8,000,000 watts

Residential solar capacity already installed in Pasadena

286 days

Average number of sunny days in Pasadena each year

Pasadena residents pay less for solar thanks to generous incentives

Pasadena is one of the most cost-effective cities to go solar. Here, you have the rare opportunity to reap the benefits of federal, state and local financial incentives. Nationwide, a federal Solar Investment Tax Credit is applied to 30% of costs. This credit alone has helped annual solar installations rise by 1600% over the past ten years! However, this federal offer is only available through 2021.

The energy savings alone make going solar a wise decision, but Californians have it even better. The state of provides a wide variety of additional financial incentives, depending on where you live, to homeowners who go solar. Check out our list of California solar rebates

Now here is where it gets even better! A residential solar installation in Pasadena can have one of the quickest payback times in the nation thanks to two rebate options offered by PWP through the Pasadena Solar Initiative. The most sought-after option is the lump-sum rebate of $0.30 per watt installed. For an average-sized residential solar system of 5 kW (5,000 watts), that’s a rebate of $1,425. If the performance-based option is selected, a rebate of $0.096 per watt of energy produced can be received in two payments per year for the first two years. Not many residents around the country are fortunate enough to have access to these kinds of incentives, as most similar programs were phased out in recent years as their popularity skyrocketed. Taken together, the incentives offered to Pasadena residents from the federal, state and local levels can save thousands of dollars on your clean, affordable, home-grown energy investment.

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Pasadena Solar Initiative Rebates

$0.30/watt  for Expected Performace Based Buydown (EPBB)

This is the most popular incentive

Example calculation:

5,000 watt system x 95%  Design Factor x $0.30 = $1,425.00 rebate

$0.096/watt for Performance Based Incentive (PBI)

You are paid for actual energy produced for the first two years.

What happens if your solar panels produce so much energy that you don’t need to use all of it? In this common scenario under sunny skies, you can benefit from net metering. This refers to your local power company giving you bill credits for supplying the grid with electricity. Almost as if you are a part-time power plant for your neighbors! Learn more about this program here, and find out how PWP wants to compensate you for your excess solar power via net metering.

Pasadena is a solar city

Pasadenans have access to some of the most generous financial incentives in the nation. As their use grows, they could be phased out in years to come. To save thousands of dollars on your cost of installation, get a quote from an installer that is right for you. Going solar is not just a financial investment, it is an investment in providing clean energy for our future. Everyone wants clean air and affordable energy, be a pioneer in what has been called the greatest technological revolution of this century. Your neighbors will thank you! Solar to the People is here to assist you along the way. Download our Guide to Home Solar to learn all about how to get your power from the sun. Join the over 15,000 Pasadena residents who will install residential solar this year!

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