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With 260 days of sunshine, making the move to solar power is an easy choice for homeowners in Escondido. This abundant sunshine along with substantially higher-than-average electricity rates have been helping to drive the huge growth in Escondido’s solar industry over the past 15 years. As you can see from the graphs below, the installation of solar systems is booming. The total number of solar panels installations within the city of Escondido is over 500 times greater than it was in the year 2002.

Every year over the past 10 years has seen more new solar installations than the year before it. This growth is also thanks to many incentive programs available to homeowners. In addition to a substantial federal rebate, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) offers homeowners the ability to sell back excess energy from their solar systems. Curious about the amount of savings you could be seeing with solar? Head to our solar calculator for an estimate!

Solar protects Escondido homeowners from getting burned by electricity costs

Many Escondido homeowners are moving to solar because they are tired of paying high electricity bills. California already has some of the highest electricity rates in the country, and Escondido’s are 3% greater than California’s as a whole. Overall, this puts electricity prices in this sunny city at about 33% higher than the average nationwide. Luckily, in Escondido, homeowners have the option to take advantage of Southern California’s most famous natural resource- it’s the sunshine. And within the city, there are a multitude of installers with financing options ready to help people in Escondido take the first step towards producing their own energy with solar panels.

Escondido residents benefit from solar incentives

The savings you will see on your electric bill are reason enough to consider installing a home solar system. However, there are also a variety of incentive programs in place that can help with some of the upfront costs of installation and save you even more money.

The federal government encourages homeowners to invest in renewable energy by offering the Solar Investment Tax Credit (SITC). This program gives a tax credit for 30% of the price of your solar installation if it is completed by 2019. By taking advantage of this program, you are basically saving 30% on the upfront costs of installing your solar system. This is a substantial reduction in cost and one that many in Escondido have already capitalized on.

In addition to the federal tax credit, SDG&E encourages residents to take advantage of several additional incentive programs. A couple of specific examples include the New Solar Homes Program that incentivizes installing solar in newly-constructed homes, and the Single-family Affordable Solar Homes program, which provides solar rebates to low-income homeowners. For more information on these and other programs, head to SDG&E’s website.

Not only will installing your own solar system save you money by reducing electricity bills and qualifying you for tax credits but in Escondido, you can also gain credits for any excess energy your system generates that you don’t use. This is a process known as net metering. During sunny days, people with solar installations often produce more energy than they need. SDG&E’s system is set up so that this energy can flow back into the grid and you are compensated for it through credits to your bill. There are times, such as on cloudy days or during the night, when your system will not be producing enough energy and you will have to use electricity from the grid. These costs can often be made up for and more by credits you earn through net metering.

For more information on net metering with SDG&E, check out their website.

Escondido is a solar city

With a variety of incentive programs, the option of net metering, and a growing market of local installers, the time is now for homeowners to move to solar in Escondido. And the high electricity costs city-wide mean that the long-term savings potential of producing your own energy at home is huge. Beyond this, your neighbors and the environment will thank you for choosing clean energy. Solar systems produce less pollution and lower the demand on the energy grid in Escondido, reducing the number of black and brownouts we experience.

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