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Over the past decade, Chula Vista has welcomed the installation of over 6,000 residential solar systems. Last year alone, there was a 57% increase in solar within the city, and another year of heavy installations is on the way. Why the unstoppable growth? California is the best state in the nation to go solar due to the high cost of power, abundant sunshine, federal incentives, and California’s desire to provide a clean, environmentally responsible future. Costs of solar are down, and photovoltaic technologies have seen tremendous increases in efficiency and durability. The world is making the switch to clean energy for the sake of its wallet, but our health and the planet directly benefit.  Join the movement and power your life with homegrown energy.

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Solar protects Chula Vista from unpredictable energy costs

Electricity rates in Chula Vista are 37% higher than the national average. High costs from San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) mean that the payback time on a residential solar investment is much quicker than most areas of the nation. You could save enough money to pay for your system costs within five years, and then rake in the savings for many years to follow! Steer clear of utility drama and expenses by providing your own energy. An average of 261 days of sunshine each year will give you clean power that is free from the constraints of fluctuating energy prices. Plus, many people don’t know that solar panels perform well under cloudy weather too!

Chula Vista residents pay less for solar thanks to generous incentives

Financial incentives make the switch to solar very cost-effective for residents of Chula Vista. A federal solar Investment Tax Credit is applied to 30% of costs for homeowners who install through 2019. Simply submit the appropriate paperwork. From 2020 through 2022, the federal credit will be phased out. This is the number one reason to go solar this year. Once these incentives are gone, installing a system will cost thousands more.

In Chula Vista, the city requires that you apply for a permit to install home solar. This measure was put in place to ensure that historical structures are adequately cared for while the city makes the transition to clean energy.

Your local utility has developed new metering technologies to make home solar hassle-free. If your solar system generates more than enough energy to meet your needs, the SDG&E Net Energy Metering program will pay you for excess electricity that your home produces.

Net Metering refers to your local power company giving you bill credits for supplying the grid with electricity. In order to participate, residents must apply through SDG&E.

Chula Vista is a solar city

Residents of Chula Vista are powering their homes with state-of-the-art solar technology at an affordable price, and savings accumulate quickly in a region with high utility prices. To save thousands of dollars on your cost of installation, get a quote from an installer that is right for you. Going solar is much more than a smart investment. Providing carbon-free energy will make you a pioneer in the global effort to eliminate fossil fuels. Solar to the People is here to assist you along the way.

Download our Guide to Home Solar to learn all about how to get your power from the sun. Join the thousands of Chula Vista residents who will install solar this year!

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Discover how much you can save today

Your average monthly electric bill

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