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Solar installations in San Diego, California are growing more rapidly than anywhere else in the United States. This should come as no surprise, since abundant sunshine and high utility prices make residential solar a great investment in Southern California. In addition, the tiered pricing of San Diego Gas and Electric’s energy provides a huge incentive for homeowners to reduce their costs to exit the highest tiers of electricity prices!

San Diego is Ideal for Solar Power

Solar energy is no longer only for people who are concerned about the environment. Today, most homeowners who install solar in New York do so because of the tremendous financial benefit of escaping rising energy costs. Purchasing a solar installation will pay for itself within a few short years – after that, it will continue to produce free energy for your home.

Solar Power is Growing Quickly in San Diego

Over 6% of San Diego homeowners have gone solar.

By the end of 2015, that number is expected to double! 

Growth in San Diego Solar Installations 2014-2015

The facts

  • San Diego is ideal for solar power
  • Solar protects homeowners from increases in electricity prices
  • Solar has quickly gained popularity among San Diego homeowners
  • Residents with solar power enjoy significantly lower energy bills, or none et all – depending on the size of the installation

Power Costs in San Diego

San Diego has long had some of the highest electricity prices in the continental United States and San Diego Gas & Electric has already requested a 7.5% increase in electric rates for 2016. These rising costs have had a significant impact on driving homeowners in San Diego to install solar electric systems. By switching to clean energy in San Diego, you’re not only going green – you’ll be saving it too.

Savings for Residential Solar in San Diego

Every home is different in terms of their power consumption, roof angle, sun exposure, shading, etc. As a result, it’s difficult to pin point an exact price and amount of savings for solar power without having exact data. For example, the more energy your home consumes to begin with, the more likely you will be to see greater financial savings after installing solar than someone who uses half as much power.

Due to these types of differences, it’s common for homeowners to receive different prices from different companies. When assessing which installer is the best fit for you, it’s important to get a variety of competitive quotes before you make your final decision. Being able to weigh your pricing options allows you to determine which company is the best fit for your home.

Solar calculators are a great way to get a general estimate of a solar electric system for your home. They can tell you the power production potential of your roof, estimated system size, system cost and incentives and rebates available to you. Homeowners should be wary of solar calculator sites that ask for personal information such as your name or phone number – they don’t need this data to give you an accurate estimate. See which calculator we trust for reliable estimates of residential solar power systems.

There are over


homes with solar in San Diego

San Diego receives more than

6 hours

of sunlight each day

Over 20 years, homeowners can save

$30,000 +

with solar power in San Diego

Available Solar Rebates and Incentives in San Diego

There are a variety of federal, state and local rebates and incentives for residential solar power that you can take advantage of in San Diego. California in particular is leading the solar industry with the most solar installations in the country. Supportive policies and financial savings for those who choose to install solar have helped the solar market’s rapid expansion in Southern California. Learn more about what rebates and incentives are available in San Diego. 

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