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Glendale is going solar with the help of generous financial incentives and a clean energy mindset. Photons are free, and the solar system you need to harness their power is affordable. Residential solar continues to grow rapidly across the state of California, despite some California state rebates (but not all state programs) no longer being provided. Here in Glendale, no need to worry! Residents enjoy full support from the municipal utility, plus aid from state and federal programs. The world is working to make the switch to clean energy for the sake of our health and the planet.  Powering your home with the sun will lighten your environmental impact while saving you money. A clean world begins with solar!

Solar protects Glendale homeowners from increasing power prices

California electricity rates can be brutal and unpredictable, but what is essentially a rooftop power plant can change that. To step away from never-ending energy increases, learn about your options with solar. Customers of GWP pay anywhere from 30% to 50% higher than the national average for each kWh of energy, depending on time of year and total usage. This adds up to a lot of money out the door in utility bills each year. Another rate hike could be proposed this year – thankfully, with solar, Glendale residents have options.

The facts

  • 8.3 million US homes powered by residential and utility solar in 2016

  • #1 Solar accounted for more new generating capacity than any other source of electricity in 2016

Glendale homeowners have a number solar incentives available to them

A combination of local, state and federal incentives make the switch to solar very cost-effective for residents of Glendale. A federal Solar Investment Tax Credit allows homeowners to take a deduction on their taxes of 30% of the cost of purchasing a home solar system, one of the factors driving a 1600% increase in residential solar systems over the last decade! Importantly, this federal rebate will be ramping down over time, with it only available at this level through 2019, and at reduced levels through 2021. While phased out across a number of utilities, there are still some California solar rebates available, as well rebates specifically for City of Glendale residents, as we detail below. 

In addition, unlike in areas serviced by the larger utilities, like Southern California Edison, the City of Glendale wants to help you with the transition to clean, independent energy with a strong local rebate program. The Solar Solutions Program administered by Glendale Water and Power is opened each year in the summer and is administered by a lottery system. For homeowners who apply and are selected, GWP pays $1.20 per watt if the customer keeps their Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), or $1.50 per watt if the RECs are given to GWP. RECs represent the documented renewable attributes associated with the solar system. These are typically only used for reporting purposes. For an average rooftop installation of 5 kW (5,000 watts), that equates to a $7,500 rebate! The rebate amount that new solar installations can receive decreases by 7% each year, so if you’re planning on going solar, act now while you can still reduce the cost of installation by up to 50% with this incentive alone!

Many homeowners have heard of net metering where your utility provides you with credits for excess electricity you send to the grid on days when your panels produce more power than you use. GWP offers net metering – read more about their net metering policies here, and find out how GWP will credit you for your excess production.

Glendale Solar Solutions Program

$1.50/watt rebate if Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are given to GWP

$1.20/watt rebate if RECs are retained

$1.50 x 5,000 watt solar system =$7,500 in cash rebates!


A federal tax credit for 30% of costs through 2020.

A state tax credit for 30% costs through 2021.

Glendale is a great city for solar

Residents of Glendale can provide clean, affordable energy with the help of generous local, state and federal incentives. When considering solar, many homeowners are shocked to learn that prices quoted by installers vary widely, and installer reputation varies just as much. If you’re thinking of going solar, get a quote from our network of pre-vetted installers – we spend time vetting installers for a price, customer service and quality, so you don’t have to. Going solar is much more than a smart investment. Switching to carbon-free energy will save you green and help drive the planet towards a greener future. Solar to the People is here to assist you along the way. Download our Guide to Home Solar to get an overview of what you should know when considering solar for your home, evaluating an installer, and a number of other important points. Join the hundreds of Glendale residents who will make the switch this year!

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